Basketball evolution: 1891, soccer balls were used instead of basketballs! There were 13 rules! The original game had no dribbling!

Thank god, Dr. Naismith had the duty to provide an indoor activity for trainee YMCA leaders!

 Actually, it is the most sophisticated game that has challenged the most genius minds, and it laughs awaiting for it to be conquered! It is addictive, and very rewarding! It is to be respected!
 With that said, you have to laugh when “Ancient Alien Theorists” predicts that in the future, we are going to resemble the “Grays.” There will be no need for the bodies we possess now. OH, HELL NO!!! Not even Nostradamus could predict world peace would occur at the slightest hint of the extinction of basketball! Them Grays didn’t count on the Hyperbalic Paraboloid Floating Transitional Zone Defense or Mama Musselman! 
Additionally, I figured out where the great coaches go once they’re literally forced from this earth, kicking and screaming! They are ALL sitting around the great big Camelot round-table in the sky! Of course, they think they are now Gods, but we all know that they are doomed to watch every single game TOGETHER and do what they do best, argue who is right!  Can you even imagine the newcomers! 
What is sooo apropos is that when the wives ascend, they are immediately rewarded for their selfless loyalty, given their perely white wings, shiny halo, carried on a jeweled litter by four Hercules-Esq men, and are ushered passed the round table, to give one last royal wave to the boys on their way to paradise while they await their destiny “women rule the earth.“
What a trip it has been so far. I tend to think that there has been no evolution, except for all the sudden, bam, 7 footers appeared! It didn’t even matter what nationality! One would assume that one of our Coach Gods figured out how bribe a real god! That would explain why there has not been any more gifts. 

However, not everyone shares this thought!  When one chooses a basketball career, typically, they are single. Soon, they meet and fall in love with someone they think is going to share in their love of basketball!  Let me break it to you softly. Daddy in law looks at your callassus-free hands and the perception that his baby girl is marrying “a freaking basketball coach!” 

Then, you get fired! Daddy in law is not happy!  


Own it! Wear it proud! And speak with authority when you speak of the details!  This is absolutely pertinent to understand that it is just as much part of this career as it is to apply it to your next strategic move! Teach this. Let assistants know that each job is a ticking clock ... perfect!  Make it a challenge, learn your perimeters, what is expected, hire assistants that’s going to compliment the job ahead, completely catering to the school’s expectations THEN GO FOR IT!  

Strategically plan:

1) how big are the shoes you’re filling - send assistant out immediately to get that size;

2) Find out who holds the school’s pool to see what your odds are, and make sure you get your bet in; 

(3) The assistant you hire must understand that his ONLY duty is to make sure that those muffins and coffee are never late to the booster club! MAKE NO MISTAKE, IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT ABOUT YOUR ASSISTANT, CUT BAIT AND IMMEDIATELY RECRUIT - CALL IN ALL FAVORS IF NECESSARY!

Now, when that time comes, and you read it on Twitter, proceed as follows!

1) Hunt down the pool to see if you won before you leave;

2) No stress, no worries! Contact The Legendary Movement (your Network)! And let Daddy in law know you got people! And back off, Jack!

We are so honored to be apart of this, to put it into perspective, it is like the Martin Luther King Walk! 
The basketball family is the feeling of belonging to a group of people (family) that possess a standard of quality of life that people gravitate to because it is simply right!
This movement is highly unusual considering the “basketball” conception!
The following will take your breath away. It will renew your faith in people, and encourage you to participate and do whatever you can to promote this movement!
Again, the gravitation is mind blowing! It is through this gravitation that is linking a network that it should be. 
When you hear this story, just smile! 

Thicker than blood, closer than family!
The basketball world!
These two boys! I call them the magic boys, because who’d of thunk, that these two band of brothers, legendary coaches, shared a love of magic!  Obsolete, one would think, yeah! No!  That “IT FACTOR!”  Ironically, their boy, Gary Trousdale (had to act as parent, separating these two (young-minded) boys Constantly! So competitive!


The brightest literary minds will never be able to put into words the “magic” that these two created together! They did it so naturally, and they did it consistently! There has never been a time where you listen to events, and are absolutely compelled to say, “okay, let’s do this!” It makes you scoff at cult followings. 
So here we have two boys, joined together by a  bond that we need to bottle! These boys are legendary, successful coaches, that border on the genius line...but thank God, just enough on our side to share their words of wisdom!AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID!
They did not let pride, ego, basketball star - NOTHING! stand in their way with the culture they were going to give to the boys of basketball!
Again, they did not let anything dictate them. 
Here is an unbelievable testament to trust, loyalty, and a belief system!
Podcast:Gary Trousdale:Have you ever thought about consulting?
Here is his unbelievable response:
Kevin Wilson “Wilson” was currently working at the Marriott Hotel, director of marketing and sales with his boss. The secretary informs Wilson that there is a phone call from Kevin McHale. Do you want me to take a message?Wilson: Put it through speaker phone.  He said it’s Mc and Flip. “How you doing?” Blah-blah-blah. Mc: Hey, you recruited me out of Hibbing  you recruited Flip. We’re about to sign somebody. Could be a risk. We know that you know talent  you got both of us. We don’t want to make a decision without talking to you. Flip: I will NEVER make a major decision: get married, buy a house, buy a car without talking to you. I might not do what you say, but I will not do it without talking to you. So we thought we’d give you a call and see what you think about this kid from Farragut, Kevin Garnett.Wilson:I said okay. Well, I got two things right off the cuff:(I hear Flip say:)Mc: write this down, write this down. Wilson: (I can hear the paper shuffling. )Flip: He’s getting out a notebook. Flip: Go ahead. Wilson: Number one! You two sorry sacks of shit that you gotta call a hotel guy to know who to draft! (My boss is sitting there and the look on his face — he can’t believe it!)Number Two: You won’t have enough money to pay this guy what he’s gonna be deserved. You better start saving up now because he is the real deal, and he is that good, and you’re not gonna be able to pay the guy!
And they were blown away! Wilson:Flip goes: “See, Mc, I told you he would tell it exactly the way it is!”
Wilson:  So that’s my consulting!
Podcast: Gary Trousdale:What made Flip such a good basketball coach?
Wilson:(Absolutely no hesitation) HEART AND EMPATHY!

NOBODY would have seen that response coming!

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